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Why Good Website Design is so Important?

As a company that deals with website design in Birmingham and the rest of the West Midlands, West Midland Websites knows that designing an effective website can be the key to a successful business.

Whatever your company sells or represents, a well-designed website will not only increase traffic, but also the credibility of your business. Here are five important areas of website design.


Careful content placement is essential when designing your webpage. Your company’s logo should be one of the first things that a user can see. They need to know whose webpage they are looking at.

As most visitors look at pages in an ‘F’ pattern, after the logo, they will concentrate on the first two paragraphs. This is where any key information should be. For example, on an ‘About Me’ page the first two paragraphs should grab a visitor’s attention and make them want to browse the rest of the website.

The purpose of layout design is to guide the users around the webpage. If you want something on your page to be noticed, make it stand out. Words can be in a bold or larger font. Pictures should be large enough to be easily visible.


The main colours you choose for your website can affect its performance. Green and blue are two of the most popular colours relating to website traffic growth, while red and yellow are the least popular.Colour variations will draw the user to different parts of the page.

Also, when choosing colours the readability of the website is something to consider. Colours that clash too much will be very distracting for users. Colours that blend together too much will make the writing less visible. The writing must be clear and distinct.


Web users want websites that are quick and simple to use. Easy navigation and  following conventions is very important. For example, if a word or phrase is underlined, users expect it to be a link. Changing what users expect from a web page can be annoying and confusing.

The loading time of your website is one of the primary things that will affect its views. Did you know that web users are more likely to leave a page that takes more than three seconds to load?


Is your website using the latest technology? Is it accessible on tablets and phones as well as computers? These are some of the questions you should be asking your website designer.

HTML and CSS are constantly evolving.Using the most up-to-date technology means that your users can get the most from your website.

Trust Layout

Web users want to feel comfortable on a website and feel safe with the services they are going to use. 94% of people do not trust websites because of their design.

Adding links of your company’s media coverage, as well as recommendations from clients, to your website can increase users’ trust. Familiarity is very important to them. Using logos of well-known clients, customers or business associates will demonstrate your company’s reliability.

Also, using social media links such as Facebook and Twitter will not only show that the website is connected and up to date, but it will also showcase its followers.


A good design means that you and your website users get the best from your website. What are your thoughts? Have you found anything else that has been useful for your website? Please share with us.

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